About Us

Typewriter.Media is an initiative by Ex-Entrepreneur and Communications Consultant Vijay S Paul.

Doubled up as a blog and a consultancy service, the initiative focuses on creating researched and insightful articles on internal & strategic communications, and content strategy.


The Story

After 8 years of professional experience as a communications consultant and content strategist, including 2 years spent on securing a Masters in Communications & Media Studies, Vijay decided to start working on a blog to bring together two of his passions – communications and content strategy.

But that wasn’t all. Communications blogs were already in plenty and “Content is King” phrase had become so old, that the king’s great-grandson was now on the throne. So, what would be different?

The difference would be about the questions. About the experience.

You see, the communications industry has become so focused on providing the ‘what’, that we have conveniently forgotten the ‘why’ and the ‘how’.

And it is just an effort to try to answer this ‘why’, that Typewriter.Media was launched.


The Why

Communicating with our audience, as a professional or as an organization, is a skill everyone is dying to master. And with thousands of blogs out there, everyone seems to know the answer, but no one stops to think about how to ask the right questions.

Here at Typewriter.Media, that is what we would like to focus on. Asking the right questions to get the perfect answers.

When communicating with our audience, we get so focused on sending out the message that we forget about why we are sending it out.

What is the user’s experience?

How do we plan our communication strategies keeping in mind our user’s journey?

How do we design content to understand and adapt to the user experience?

And most importantly, the simplest of questions – How do I communicate effectively and efficiently?

It is as an answer to these, that Typewriter.Media was started.

Yes, it is just another communications blog on the web. But like any underdog, it has a story and a vision, which just might make it the next champion.


Join our Journey

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