Step by Step Guide to Building a Genuine Brand Story [With Template]

What is your brand story?

Be it for your business, product, service, blog, or maybe just your personal brand. Do you have a story around what your brand stands for?

What is brand story

Brand stories are authentic narratives around what your brand does. They are used to strategically communicate your brand identity.

In short, they are elevator pitches about your brand.

It is a story comprising of what your brand does, who your audience is, and what emotion your brand’s products/services make your customers feel.

As Kaitlin Loyal writes in her blog:

Brand storytelling is using a narrative to connect your brand to customers, with a focus on linking what you stand for to the values you share with your customers.

What it does

Brand stories drive growth, foster customer loyalty, and build engagement with your brand. Getting the right balance between an audience-centric focus and commercial objectives in your narrative is important.

The audience-centric focus includes-

  • the benefit for the customer,
  • how you solve their problem,
  • and what the customer feels after using your product/service.

The commercial objectives include-

  • getting more customers on-board,
  • building brand awareness,
  • and increasing revenues.

Creating your brand story [Template]

While there are many ways to create one, here’s an example of the simplest way of doing it.

Brand Story Flowchart

It goes as:

  1. The User/Audience – your target audience
  2. Has a problem – identify the problem you are solving
  3. Uses your service/product – how your customer interacts with your product/service
  4. Which provides a solution – what solution does your product/service provide to the customer
  5. Leading them to take action – what action does the customer
  6. Which creates results – what is the result for them
  7. Making them feeling an emotion – the emotion they feel at the end of journey

To illustrate this better, take the below example. I have created a sample brand story for my blog, using the same template above.

My Brand Story - Typewriter Media

What to do next

  1. Download the printable template
  2. Fill up the details to create yours
  3. Put up the poster on your home/office wall to remind your whole team (and yourself) regularly about what your brand story is.

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