5 Podcasts to Listen to If You Are a Communications Professional

Most people that I know are interested in on-demand stuff; podcasts are essentially audio Netflix
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Why podcasts?

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular than ever because they fit easily into our busy schedules.

Going for a walk – listen to a podcast.

Commuting to work – listen to a podcast.

Cooking dinner with your headphones on while the fire alarm blares without your knowledge – listen to a podcast.

And if you are a communications professional, the more the need to utilize the power of podcasts for professional growth, and to stay updated with the latest happenings in the industry.

But with 43 million podcast episodes on Spotify and Apple in 2021, how do you decide which one’s to follow?

Hopefully, I can help you choose a few good ones today.

5 communications podcasts I follow regularly

List of 5 communications podcasts to follow

1. The Hanson & Hunts Podcast

For those looking for an exciting piece of advice on communications and public relations, The Hanson & Hunts podcast is for you. Started by Arik, a solo marketer, and Kevin, a corporate communications professional, this podcast shares insights and recaps trendy hot topics in the communication field.

In the ever-changing landscape of corporate communication, this podcast is the de-facto standard as it provides a mix of debate, expert interviews, advice, and the latest news.

Ideal for: Corporate communicators and digital marketers

Release frequency: Monthly on a Thursday

Available on: Apple Podcast and Spotify


2. The Spin Sucks Podcast

Hosted by Gina Dietrich, the podcast is perfect for modern communicators. She effortlessly provides practical advice to communication professionals like us.

From explaining the difference between marketing, communication, and PR to explaining how crisis communication will work in 2021 – the podcast touches every aspect of a communications professional’s life.  The Spin Sucks also talks about marketing, PR, and social media.

Ideal for: Corporate communicators, digital marketers, and PR professionals

Release frequency: Weekly

Available on: Apple Podcast and Spotify


3. For Immediate Release

If you’re looking for a podcast that scans and sums up various media sources to provide important information in one place – look no further than the For Immediate Release podcast.

Unlike other communications podcasts, this one is structured as an expert panel that analyzes the week’s news related to communication and PR. The expert panel crunches the information, shares their insights, discusses upcoming trends, and gives an in-depth analysis of the industry.

Even though some of their episodes might run as long as one hour, you can always expect something exciting and useful to listen to.

Two of their episodes from 2020, Communications and the Corporate Environment and A Look Back at Communication in 2020, are a must-listen for every communication professional.

Ideal for: Corporate communicators and PR professionals

Release frequency: Weekly

Available on: Apple Podcast and Spotify


4. PR Week

One communications podcast that covers every nut and bolt of the PR and communications industry – is the PR Week podcast.

It shares and highlights opinions, news, and insights from famous newsmakers in the world of communication, PR, and marketing. As every episode features a professional from the industry, listening to the podcast helps you keep up with the industry trends.

Ideal for: Corporate communicators, PR, and marketing professionals

Release frequency: Weekly

Available on: Apple Podcast and Spotify


5. Word of Mouth Podcast by BBC

For your business language to be useful, you need to choose the right set of words. It’s these words that translate your thoughts and help deliver the intended message to your audience.

For communications professionals using the right words and language is a game-changer, and that’s precisely what Word of Mouth by BBC accomplishes. With the podcast, you can explore the endless world of words and use them in the right way to deliver the right message.

Their podcast, Words Used About Women and Bulls & Bears: animal metaphors in business language, are worth listening to because of their rich and informative content.

Ideal for: Corporate communicators, content, and PR professionals

Release frequency: Weekly

Available on: Apple Podcast and Spotify


Happy Listening!

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